Hello, we are Super Juni-OR!
Eunhyuk: We will give a great news to fans in Taiwan. Do you know what it is?
Kangin: I know!
Eunhyuk: what is it?
Kangin: It’s… Super Show!
Kangin/Eunhyuk: Hehehehehehehehhe
Ryeowook: What… you two are scary..
Shindong: Two of you were too happy. Let’s announce it again, Super Show 5!!!!
Eunhyuk: We will meet our fans in Taiwan again. Do you know the dates?
Shindong: Of course.
Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk/Kangin: When?
Shindong: You don’t know?
Donghae: When?
Shindong: 8/10, 11, 12! 3 days!
Siwon: Shindong-ssi, where will it be held in!?
Shindong: I don’t know the location well
Eunhyuk: Who knows the location?
Shindong: Do you know?
Kangin: the location..
Kyuhyun: Is it.. Taipei arena?
Eunhyuk: yes it is. In Taiwan, in Taipei arena, on 8/10,11,12. For 3 days, we’ll meet our fans with Super Show 5. Everyone, please come and fill the seats, and have a great time with us. …. … Now!
Siwon: pffttt
Donghae: Ai-ya. Siwon-ah! (Spitting) in my eyes…
Kangin: It’s because he likes you
Siwon: I got excited already
Eunhyuk: anyways, we’ll see you again at the concert. We will meet you all with a great concert. Everyone!
? Member: We are-
Eunhyuk: Thank you~

cr: superdometw

Translation by NKsubs

Posted by hyukbells (@hyukbells)

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